Feeding of steel tubes of various sizes are required for many operations in the electrical fittings industry. In one particular case, there were a total of 7 tubes wherein some cases the diameter was more than the length, some cases the diameter was less than the length (length being more) while in two cases, the diameter and length were the same. The orientation required was “standing”. The customer wanted very high speeds and Elscint could not only achieve the same but the final output was more than the required speed! Elscint model 400 HD was used with a very large bowl having a diameter of 950 mm. Due to this big bowl, the quantity which could be accommodated in the bowl was very large. The Elscint 400 HD is a half wave heavy duty vibratory drive and hence high speeds are possible. Elscint could achieve a linear speed of 10 metres per minute. The customer had allowed the usage of air for increasing the speed and orientation. However, Elscint completed the orientation and feeding without the use of air, thus saving on the running cost of the vibratory feeder for the customer.