Assembly of screws and washers requires two vibratory bowl feeders, one to feed the washer, one for feeding the screw and then a motorized or pneumatic station where they are assembled. However, there is an innovative way of assembling the screws and washers through a single bowl feeder. You just need to dump the Screws and Washers in the bowl feeder and they come out in an assembled fashion. Pokayoke concept too can be implemented to ensure that not a single unassembled Screw and Washer comes out of the part feeder. This type of vibratory feeder not only saves space but also electricity consumption as only one single Vibratory Bowl Feeder is required and eliminates the need for one vibratory feeder and the motorized assembly station. This type of vibratory bowl feeder adds tremendous value for users of fasteners who presently have to assemble screws and washers by hand or have to use costly assembly equipment. Hence, this vibratory bowl not only reduces labour but also helps improve productivity. However, not all bowl feeder manufacturers have the capability and expertise for manufacturing such a bowl feeder. You can read more on this along with photos of such a bowl feeder.