Usually, for feeding and orientation of taper rollerscounter rotating motorized gauge rolls,are used. A vibratory bowl feeder feeds the taper rollers in axial direction, without reference to any particular side being forward or behind to a set of motorized gauge rolls. The inclination of the rolls, plus adjustable roll spacing from one end to the other enables parts to move / travel easily and rapidly into the desired position. An important feature is that the rolls being counter-rotating do not bind or grip the parts and are extremely sensitive to fine tolerances. The taper rollers are oriented on the motorized gauge rolls to ensure that the smaller diameter is always leading and are dropped into a pump unit driven again by a geared motor. The pump unit then elevates the rollers to the desired height from where they can be fed by gravity to the work station where they are needed. The advantage of this system is that the feeding equipment can be kept at a distance from the machine where these rollers are being used. An innovation in this is to use a single vibratory bowl feeder having two outlets, to feed to two separate sets of motorized gauge rolls and pump units. This results in not only doubling the output but also getting the rollers in two outlets which can be used to feed to two separate machines. Thus the need of having two separate feeding systems is eliminated.

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