Feeding of Conical Washers is not easy in a vibratory bowl feeder due to its very less thickness. In most cases, the thickness is just 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm. Due to its conical curvature, the washers have a tendency of coming in a bunch and it is difficult to remove one out of the bunch. Orientation too is very critical as these washer need to be assembled in the correct orientation. This makes it pertinent to have a bowl feeder that not only feeds correctly oriented parts consistently but also feeds them in a single row, thereby eliminating the chances of double feeding of the washers. A properly designed bowl feeder can feed such conical washers and also eliminate the possibility of their bunching together.  Further adding a linear track can result in easy movement of the conical washers and allows them to be picked up easily by a pick and place device by isolating the last washer.

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