Small pressure springs are a tiny but vital part in numerous modern products. In fact, one of the most time consuming techniques is the handling of small components such as springs. Not only are they usually supplied in a tangled mass, from which they need to be freed, but they are also difficult to pick up and fix into position. It is very important that the feeding and location of the springs is extremely accurate during assembly. Vibratory bowl feeders can be used for feeding such springs. However, in case of severe entanglement of the springs, one requires a spring disentangler in addition to a bowl feeder for proper feeding of the springs. The spring disentangle disentangles the springs and loads them into the vibratory bowl feeder. The entangled springs are then recirculated to the spring disentangle. Depending upon the size of the springs, the correct size of the spring disentangle and bowl feeder can be planned. Further, depending upon the requirement, the springs can be fed in 1 or even more outlets (even 4 to 5).

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