A very important usage of vibratory part feeders is for accurately counting of small parts like plastic caps, spouts, screws, rivets, capsules and electrical connectors, bearings,  as well as heavy parts such as anchor bolts, bearing races and metal sockets. The standard equipment consists of a suitable vibratory bowl feeder, a sensing device and an electronic reset able counter. The counter can be even upto 10 digits and even more in case of special requirements. Counting speeds can be very high, depending upon the component which requires counting and the accuracy required. Once a preset number is reached, the counting can be made to stop automatically. Restart can be either manually or again automatically on receiving of a Signal. This equipment finds use in various industries, namely, cosmetic, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, optical, bearing and many other industries. Accuracy of counting can be 100%. This is very low cost highly accurate equipment compared to counting by way of weighing.

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