One innovative use of vibratory bowl feeders is to use them for automating riveting machines. Here the rivets are fed through a vibratory bowl feeder to the riveting station. The other part (spring, strip etc.) can either be placed manually or automatically from another vibratory bowl feeder. Alternatively, the strip can be fed through a de-reeler and cut as per the requirement and fed automatically. At the riveting point, the riveting takes place and the completed riveted assembly is blow out or removed manually as the case might be. For this a riveting machine has to be mounted on a specially designed platform. Other options which are possible are  checking of the spring / strip etc. before riveting, counting of the number of pieces riveted, automatic stoppage of machine when a wrong rivet / spring is fed etc. This type of automation can be used in various industries like switchgear and contactor manufacturing industry. Productivity increases tremendously with the usage of this type of automation. Not only does it eliminate / reduce labour but also the production as well as consistency of the component is increased tremendously.