Flare Nuts require to be fed to flaring machines. The hex head and the threading size in most cases of the flare nuts is the same and this makes orientation of the flare nuts rather difficult. However, Elscint even manufactures a Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of Flare Nuts to Flaring Machines in double rows! Elscint has a lot of expertise in feeding of Flare Nuts and in this type of Vibratory Bowl Feeder, two rows of Flare Nuts can be fed side by side in separate orientation in each row. This gives more output and eliminates the need of a separate Bowl Feeder when two rows of Flare Nuts are required. Further from the orientation of the flare nuts can be different in each of these rows. Feed Rates or the speeds that can be achieved can be as high as 300 Pieces Per Minute