Feeding of very large bolts or screws in a vibratory part feeder bowl is not possible. However, Elscint has developed an innovative feeding system for feeding of Bolts having size M 6 to M 24 and length between 30 mm to 200 mm. Any number of sizes between these dimensions can be fed through this type of feeding system. A chain elevator feeder and a custom built vibratory linear feeder are used in this case. Bulk loading of the bolts can be done at the ground level in a 200 Ltr. Hopper. The elevator feeder carries the bolts from the hopper to a height of about three meters from where they are unloaded onto a customized Elscint In-Line Rail Feeder which then transports the bolts in head up direction. A Pneumatic Escapement can also be attached to this equipment, if required. This releases the bolts one at a time on receipt of a 24 V DC signal. Speed of between 50 to 200 pieces per minute can be achieved depending upon the sizes of the bolts. The system results in a smooth flow of components without any starvation to the subsequent Machine.