Vibratory bowl feeders are used for feeding and orienting of small components. There are numerous uses of these feeder bowls. One common usage of vibratory bowl feeders is for feeding Spherical Rollers of various sizes. All types of spherical rollers, that is those having diameter less than length and those where the diameter is more than or equal to length can be fed. Spherical Rollers having diameters from as small as dia 4 mm to those as large as 60 mm and lengths upto even 100 mm can be fed through bowl feeders. However, in case of such large rollers, the loading quantity will be much less and hence it is always better to have a belt type hopper elevator. This not only leads to dumping of the heavy Rollers at the ground level and reduces operator loading and interference. These types of vibratory part feeders have a lot of usage in the Bearing Industry.

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