Vibratory bowl feeders can be used in feeding of almost any small component. There are numerous possibilities of using a vibratory feeder. Now Elscint Automation ( ) has introduced another possibility of using vibratory bowl feeders. It can be called an  automatic tapping machine. In this machine, the components are fed through a vibratory bowl feeder to the tapping station. At the tapping station, tapping takes place with the help of a specially designed tapping head attachment. The completed component is then unloaded in a bin or ejected, as per requirement. In case of special requirements, tapping at two places can be done on the same component! Speed of upto 40 parts per minute is possible. In fact, Elscint provides this machine with PLC control to make the to suit the requirements of customers and their respective Budgets. This machine adds tremendous value wherever there is a requirement of tapping on small components. Two, three or even more bowl feeders as well as tapping heads can be accommodated on the same table with independent operations, however controlled by a single PLC. This helps not only in making the machine compact but also reduces the cost of an incremental machine.

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