Feeding of large parts in a bowl feeder is always difficult, firstly as the number of components which can be accommodated in the bowl is less and secondly the speed or feed rate is less. Hence, for feeding large components, many times a different type of vibratory equipment is required. Taking the example of half bearings, these can be upto dia 90 mm or even more. For feeding and orienting these half bearings an innovative system can be designed. This consists of a vibratory hopper feeder (for extra loading capacity), two linear vibratory feeders and a small parts (elevator) feeder. The speed of operation or the feed rate can be upto 60 pieces per minute in an oriented manner. Of course, this speed can be varied through a potentiometer. Proper electronic controls are required to synchronize the speed of the various components listed above. The small parts (elevator) feeder is used for recirculation of unused parts. A special orientation device is used for orientation of the half bearings. Upto 150 Kgs of material can be loaded in the vibratory hopper. This makes the system totally man-less. Hence, it is very important to contact reputed manufacturers like Elscint  as they can provide such innovative solutions for your feeding requirements.