These are gravity tracks made to move the components further from the bowl to the work rest or pick up point. In case of the gravity chute, the back pressure of the components and the inclination of the chute result in movement of the components from the bowl to the work rest or pick up point. The advantage of using a gravity chute is that it is cheaper to make as well as to maintain. But the disadvantage of the same is that due to the emphasis on back pressure and inclination, a few (7 to 8) components are always required in the chute for generating continous and consistent pressure. Further another point to remember is that gravity chutes require a certain degree of inclination without which their will be pressure on the vibratory feeder and reduce the performance of the bowl feeder. An angle of at least 30 degrees is recommended for gravity chutes and this should be further increased in case of light weight parts to aid their flawless moment. In case the bowl feeder is used for the centreless grinding operation, a gravity chute can lead to uneven pressure and quality of the ground components suffer due to this.

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