Vibratory bowls can be made out of various types of material, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, polyamide etc. Out of these, one can get the best performance from cast aluminium bowls. Bowls made of mild steel are not long lasting due to rusting and not wear resistance. Over time, their performance deteriorates drastically. Aesthetic wise too, it does not look good, even if painted. Hence, it is not recommended to use mild steel bowls. Polyamide bowls have certain advantages like machining ease and repeatability but the disadvantages are the size (small) and type (conical). Step design bowls, which provide a lot of tooling flexibility, convenience and high loading volumes are not always possible in case of polyamide bowls. These disadvantages are not there in stainless steel and cast aluminum bowls. The advantages of these types of bowls are tooling flexibility, convenience and high loading volume. Secondly, it is possible to provide irregular and complicated bowl tooling and shapes in case of stainless steel fabricated bowls. However, the disadvantage is that as they are fabricated, there is a chance of manual error while making and tooling them. If they become unwieldy or else are not properly tuned, they do not work properly, especially at certain areas. This creates problems for the customer in the long run as a lot of dead stock is required to be maintained in the bowl and secondly, there might be chances of wrongly oriented components going forward. As against these, the advantages of using cast aluminum bowls are the ease and speed of tooling and lower cost. Plus they are modular in construction. In case the part for which they are manufactured, changes, they can be retooled for another part. However, proper coating is required for all cast aluminum bowls. Elscinthane spray able polyurethane coating is the best choice for cast aluminum and stainless steel bowls. Not only does the coating reduce the noise level in case of metallic components drastically by eliminating the metal to metal contact, but the life and performance of the bowl improves drastically. Further using a cast aluminium bowl eliminates a lot of problems of the bowl becoming unwieldy or not properly tuned. Hence, insisting on a cast aluminium bowl with polyurethane coating can help reduce the dead spots.

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