Usually a vibratory bowl feeder is made suitable for one type of component. However, in case of need, the bowl feeder can be made suitable for a variety of parts / components. A large variety of parts can be fed through the same bowl feeder with some changeover tooling. However, though it is theoretically possible to accommodate any variety of parts in the same bowl with the requisite changeover tooling, it is not recommended for mainly two reasons. The first being that the changeover tooling will become very complicated, requiring a skilled operator to make the changes and secondly, the time taken for making the changes increases. Plus more the complicated tooling, there is always the chance of the operator making mistakes in the changeover. Hence, it is always better to have the total number of parts / components which are fed through the same bowl to be from the “same family” rather than from “another family”. Meaning if most of the parts are having length greater than diameter, then it is better not to include a part where the diameter is more than length in the same bowl. However, at Elscint, we have perfected the very easy changeover tooling even for parts which are not from the same family. But this is not possible with other bowl feeder manufacturers and hence it is better to stick to one family of components.