Many times one requires feeding components, one at a time and not one behind the other. Usually, components come out of the bowl feeder one behind another. For this purpose, a pneumatic escapement or singulator is required. It can work either mechanically through a cam operated system or else pneumatically by way of a single or double cylinder. The escapement or singulator stops one component and holds another. With a single stroke, one component is released while the one behind it is then stopped. This can find usage where the parts are to be packed in cartons, spouts are to be dropped into cartons, one part is to be picked up and operated upon. Further using an escapement with a gravity chute, one can use the stopped part for operations like drilling, tapping etc. The escapement can also be designed in such a way that on receipt of a signal from a relay / sensor or PLC, the escapement is actuated and a single component is released.

Usually, most manufacturers use two pneumatic cylinders for these types of escapements, one for stopping one part and one for holding the part behind it. However, some manufacturers provide escapements which work on a single pneumatic cylinder. This results not only in saving the running cost but also the initial cost. Elscint, in fact, not only provides escapements with a single cylinder but also provides an F/R/L unit and solenoid valve along with all the electrical inputs like transformer and other circuitry so that using it becomes very hassle free and easy for the customer. The operation of this escapement can be with the help of a 24 V DC signal.

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