Most bowl manufacturers mount bowls on a single central screw. This is easy and good as far as removal and re-mounting is concerned. However, it results in a lot of problems with regard to the day to day operations. Due to a single screw fixing there is a tendency for the bowl to shift/rotate  due to heavy vibrations (mainly in the case of big  model bowls ). The shifting can be as much as 10 to 15 mm and can result in a mismatch between the bowl and the linear track or gravity chute. Secondly, due to a single screw fixing the vibrations are not transferred properly onto the bowl from the vibrator. Last but not the least, as there is a lot of pressure on a single screw, it has a tendency to break and the threading can slip. All this can result in the vibratory bowl feeder giving a lot of problems. As against this, Elscint provides mounting on 8 to 12 screws. Due to this, the chance of the bowl shifting does not even  remotely arise. Secondly, as the mounting are on PCD towards the periphery of the bowl, the vibrations are transferred properly and this results in a better movement of the parts on all sides of the bowl feeder. Some manufacturers also provide mounting on the sides of the bowl but this too has its limitations.