There are two places where coils of a vibratory bowl feeder are mounted. One is centrally (either one coil or else two coils) or else on the periphery of the vibratory bowl feeder (three or four coils). Most manufacturers mount the coils centrally. The advantage is that one requires only a single coil, thus reducing the cost and secondly, the coil can be made powerful enough so that the same one can be used across models. But the disadvantage is that having a single central coil, leads to excessive vibrations at the centre, which reduce as the part moves away from the bowl centre. Whereas some manufacturers like Elscint mount the coils on the periphery of the vibratory bowl feeder. However, for this the coils need to be correctly designed for each and every model. But the advantages are that firstly there is no extra energy wasted, thus saving on energy costs and secondly, the coils being on the periphery of the vibratory feeder, the vibrations are equally transferred to the bowl, leading to better performance of the vibratory bowl feeder. Secondly, being on the periphery, one can design the bowl having a slightly bigger diameter.

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