It is important to cover vibratory bowl feeders. This ensures that operators do not touch the electrical connectors or wires, resulting in an electric shock. Secondly, it reduces the noise level of the vibrator. The cover of the vibratory bowl feeder is also called guard. The guard is usually screwed to the vibrator counter weight or the base. However, the counter weight or the base of the vibrator vibrates and hence vibrations are transferred to the guard / cover resulting in abnormal vibrations and secondly, further increasing the noise emanating from the vibratory feeder. For ensuring that this does not happen, Elscint provides an extra non-vibrating base plate below the vibrator counter weight / base i.e. below the rubber dampeners. The guard or the cover is screwed to this base plate. This ensures that the cover does not vibrate and hence, the overall noise level emanating from the vibratory bowl feeder is reduced. Other manufacturers do not follow this practice as they try to reduce the cost of the extra mounting plate.