A good vibratory bowl feeder should have an overflow arrangement. This means that if the outlet of the vibratory bowl feeder is closed, the components must fall back into the bowl. In other words, when a bowl’s production output (feed rate) is greater than the production needs of the end user, the components should fall back in the bowl and or else remain vibrating in place. This may not be required if one has an Auto-Switch Off Mechanism built in the chute or the linear track. However, still, a good Vibratory bowl Feeder should have suitable overflow arrangement so that in case the sensor malfunctions at any given time, it should not result in jamming of the components in the bowl. This “overflow” system helps save on the cost of the auto-switch off mechanism and its attendant controls plus results in ease of operation. This is especially required when the bowl feeder is working much faster than the usage of the components.