While buying a vibratory bowl feeder, one requires to purchase some accessories along with the same. If the right type of accessories are purchased along with the vibratory bowl feeder, then integration with your machine becomes easy. Otherwise, one has to manufacture such accessories after the vibratory part feeder arrives and thus a lot of time is lost in the same. Secondly, as vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers keep a lot of accessories in stock, it helps to order these items from them so that integration issues are negligible. The various accessories which go along with a vibratory bowl feeder are listed down –

  1. Coating / lining – These can be polyurethane spray coating, pasting of sheets on the bowl surface, Teflon coating etc. The best solution lies in polyurethane spray coating. The advantages are firstly, in case of metallic components, the Noise Level can be drastically reduced by eliminating the Metal to Metal contact. Another major problem faced by customers is of feeding oily components. Oily components reduce / eliminate the friction between the components and the Bowl track. As Vibrators work on the principle of Friction, these results in the components slipping and hence they are not able to feed properly. Proper type of coating can eliminate this.
  2. Stand – These can be cubical, single post, special, made of aluminum extruded sections etc. It always helps to purchase stands from the bowl feeder manufacturer so that further work at the customer’s end is eliminated
  3. X-Y Tables – These are required for small adjustments on X and Y axis.
  4. Portable Jacks – These are used for Z adjustments in case of smaller vibratory feeders where small amount of height adjustment is required
  5. Hoppers – These are used for providing extra loading capacity. This way, one can purchase a smaller sized bowl feeder and have extra loading capacity by way of the hopper.
  6. Silo – These are again used for extra loading capacity. These help increase the loading capacity of the bowl at a very low cost.
  7. Noise Suppressors / Enclosures – These can be either of acrylic or mild steel lined with acoustic foam. These can help in reducing the noise levels drastically. This is especially useful in case of bigger bowls with heavy metallic components.
  8. Gravity Chutes – These are gravity tracks made to move the components further from the bowl.
  9. Linear Tracks – These are vibrating tracks which are used for moving the components further from the bowl.
  10. Non-vibrating part – These are used to provide a nesting point for pick up ahead of the vibrating linear tracks.
  11. Auto-Switch Off mechanism – This is switch on / switch off of the vibratory bowl feeder based on whether components are present in the linear track or gravity chute as the case may be. This can ensure that the vibratory bowl feeder does not remain working when the output is not being used. It can also save on energy costs.
  12. Level Controller – This is useful in case a hopper is used along with the bowl feeder. This can help to start / stop the hopper once the level of components in the bowl feeder goes below a particular level.
  13. Elevators – Similar to hoppers, these can enhance the loading capacity.
  14. Escapement / Singulator – These are used for ensuring that a single component comes forward while the rest are held back. This is useful when only one component is to be used at a time.
  15. Counter – This along with a sensor is used for counting the number of components being fed through the vibratory feeder.

As can be seen, there are a lot of accessories which one can order along with a vibratory bowl feeder to ensure that it becomes a plug and play equipment. It is also better to ensure that one purchases vibratory bowl feeder from a manufacturer who offers all of these accessories under one roof and keeps most of them in ready stock so that delivery time is compressed.