Good Vibratory Bowl Feeders are generally maintenance-free. They should only be thoroughly cleaned when they are considerably dirty or after fluids i.e. oil / coolant / water etc. have been spilled over them.

  • While doing this, first unplug the mains plug.
  • Remove the Cover (Guard) covering the Base Unit / Drive Unit of the Vibratory Feeder.
  • Clean the inside of the Vibratory Bowl Feeder, especially the gap between the Coil and Magnet
  • Check the Gap between the Magnet and the Coil. It should be maintained as given in the maintenance manual of the manufacturer.
  • Tighten all Screws, as they have a tendency of getting loose due to Vibrations over time.
  • After mounting the Cover (Guard) and plugging in the mains plug, the Vibratory Bowl Feeder is ready for operation again.