Elscint manufactures an Auto loading & unloading system for centreless grinding machines for longer length shafts having length from 150 mm upto 1 metre. These shafts being of long length, they cannot be fed from a vibratory bowl feeder. Feeding a variety of shafts of various lengths and diameters also is not possible throught a vibratory bowl feeder. Hence, keeping in view these problems, Elscint has developed the Auto Loading & Unloading System. The Shafts have to be kept on an inclined table, from where a pneumatic cylinder singles out and feeds one shaft at a time to a belt conveyor which further feeds the shaft to the centreless grinding machine. After the grinding operation is over, there is a special Elscint unloading belt convyeor by which the shaft is taken out and turned around with the help of a transfer station and fed to another Elscint belt conveyor which conveys it back to near the loading station at an unloading collection station and the shafts are aligned there ready for inspection / for the second pass through the centreless grinding machine. Special care is taken so that the shafts do not collide and push each other so that the quality of the ground shafts is maintained. This way, only one operator can do the loading and unloading of two to three machines and productivity can be increased tremendously.

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