Elscint recently manufactured an assembly machine for assembly of a small microchip having diameter 19.50 mm x 3 mm thk into a aluminium ring having OD dia 28 mm x 2.3 mm thk. The speed required was 60 assembled parts per minute and the completed assembly was to be transferred directly onto the indexing table of the customer. The customer wanted small bowl feeders with extra capacity hoppers. Hence, Elscint used Model 250 vibratory bowl feeders having diameter of 400 mm for each of these two parts. Hoppers having 50 ltrs capacity were also provided for enhancing the capacity. An 800 mm long linear track with Elscint Linear Vibrator Model II was used for the ring while the microchip would slide by gravity. An escapement was provided on the gravity chute to releasing one microchip at a time for assembly onto the Aluminium ring. The assembled part thereafter travelled further on the linear track onto the indexing table. The complete equipment was mounted on a table made of Aluminium extrusions. The hoppers too were mounted on Aluminium extrusion stands. You can watch the video of the equipment in running condition.

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