Elscint has uploaded a video showing the maintenance aspects as well as the installation and commissioning procedures for its Model 160. You can watch the video here. The video covers the regular maintenance points with respect to Model 160 vibratory bowl feeder. A total of  15 points are covered. The reason a separate video is made for Model 160 is that the maintenance points of Model 160 are different from that of other models of vibratory bowl feeders, namely, Model 250, 400 and 630. The various aspects covered in this video are –

  1. Disconnect Supply
    2. Check Fuse on the regulator box cover
    3. Open the Regulator box cover
    4. Check the Fuse inside the regulator box
    5. Ensure all the screws by which the tooling of the bowl is fixed are tight
    6. Remove the bowl by loosening the central M6 mounting bolt
  2. Clean the vibrator base (Aluminium Top Spring Holder) with cotton waste or if possible, any cleaning agent like IPA
  3. Clean the bowl bottom with cotton waste and if possible, IPA
  4. Fix the bowl once again and put an extra M6 washer while tightening the same.
  5. Ensure that the bowl is fixed at the place of marking provided
    12. Give full torque with leverage
  6. Remove the side guard / covers
  7. Tighten the Spring plates (M12 Allen Screws at both top and bottom) – 3 places
  8. Tighten the Coil (Red colour) mounting screws (M6 Allen Head Screws – 2 nos)
  9. Check the gap between the coil and the magnet (it should be 0.8 mm). If less / more, loosen the magnet (2 M6 allen screws), there is a slot in the magnet for adjustment of the same. Adjust it tighten the screws.
  10. Check whether the gap between the bottom spring holder and the base plate is equal (around 4 to 5 mm) at all sides. If not, then the rubbers fixed between the base plate and the bottom spring holder might have sheared and require replacement.

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