Elscint  has recently introduced a new model of its popular Vibratory table. A Vibratory Table is used for settling granular to coarse materials. It is also used for testing of electronic PCBs for dry solder as well for testing of various automotive parts like dials etc. The Elscint Vibrating Tables are of electro-mechanical construction and are available in various models. The most popular is the VT 4545 model having size of 450 x 450 mm. It has a weight carrying capacity of 50 kgs with a VA rating of 650 VA. Even with this VA rating, the highly efficient design perfected by Elscint takes a current of just 5 Amp, just saving on energy costs.

However, due to popular demand from various customers, Elscint has introduced a slightly smaller size Vibratory table. Namely, Model 2525 with a VA rating of 300 VA and weight carrying capacity of 25 kgs. The size is 250 x 250 mm, thus making it very compact and economical. This is effective especially where the requirement is for testing of the above mentioned parts and where slight vibrations are required.

All models of the vibrating tables are totally enclosed, dust tight and splash proof and they come with the excellent build quality and sturdiness, which is the hallmark of all Elscint products. Elscint can also provide various types of controllers, including those which can check and measure the G value of vibrations.


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