Elscint recently supplied 5 bowl feeders for various metal components to a SPM manufacturer in Bangalore. The parts to be fed were bolts and metal parts of various sizes. Elscint used a mixture of its Model 160, Model 250, Model 250 EV and Model 400 for all these parts. One bowl feeder was having 4 outlets, Model 400 was used for this. Each of the bowl feeders came with a gravity chute with auto-switch off mechanism. The feed rate was between 20 to 25 parts and much more than this was achieved easily. Further, proper orientation was ensured in each of the bowl feeders. All the bowl feeders were coated with Elscinthane PU coating as these being metallic parts, made a lot of noise when fed in the metallic bowls. Cast Al bowls with Elscinthane PU coating were used with the tooling being made in stainless steel.