Elscint recently manufactured & supplied a complete feeding system for feeding of bearing cups to a centerless grinding machine. The work also entailed linking of two centerless grinding machines. For the first machine, Elscint used Model 630 with a dia 1100 mm stainless steel bowl coated with Elscinthane PU coating. It oriented the cups in “Axial with open side forward” orientation and fed the same onto a linear vibrator, namely Elscint I which then transported the bearing cups upto the workrest of the centerless grinding machine. After grinding, a stationary, non-vibrating chute of 600 mm was used to convey the bearing cups ahead. Then it was connected to a vibrating chute mounted on a linear vibrator which further conveyed the bearing cups 800 mm to the next grinding machine. After the second grinding operation, the bearing cups were again taken forward by 600 mm on a non-vibrating chute and then onto another vibrating chute of 800 mm with a stopper arrangement. The operator was supposed to pick and pack the bearing cups from the end of this track. The complete system was manufactured in record time and installed at the customer’s end by Elscint.