Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of plastic screws having dia 7 mm head x 9 mm length. The requirement was to feed the plastic screws in a single row at a speed of 30 parts per minute with singulation. Elscint recommended its Model 250 with Linear Vibrator Model Elscint I HD. Model 250 has a bowl diameter of 400 mm ensuring a lot of loading capacity, thus eliminating the need of a separate hopper and level control. A speed of between 60 to 65 parts was observed with singulation. A sensor was fixed on the linear vibrator to switch off the bowl feeder once the linear track was full. The singulation was made with the help of a specially designed fixture with Festo make cylinder. The screws being white in colour, Elscinthane coating was provided on the bowl to ensure that they do not get coloured or dirty during usage in the cast aluminium bowl with stainless steel tooling. The equipment was supplied to a customer in Mexico and hence was made to work on 110 V / 60 Hz input power. Frequency controllers were supplied both for the vibratory bowl feeder and the linear vibrator. Confirmation videos were sent to the customer for his approval and then the system was packed and dispatched by air freight mode to Mexico.  You can watch the video of the equipment

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