Elscint, recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of large spouts in the orientation Cap up / Tail down in three rows. The spouts were having a cap of dia 35 mm and length of 40 mm. Elscint manufactured a step type bowl having diameter of 1200 mm to be used with its Model 630 drive unit which is a four coil version with 1500 VA rating. The spouts were mostly coming either with the cap down or else in lying fashion. Elscint ensured that most of spouts were made in cap down forward (even the ones coming lying down) and then there were bifurcated into three rows and taken forward. Thereafter the spouts were turned in 180 degrees to ensure that the cap was up. This was done on wire cut rods for good accuracy. Afterwards, the spouts were taken forward on a linear vibrator of 800 mm length and a centre distance of 80 mm was maintained between each of the spouts. Speed required for 60 spouts per minute per row and Elscint achieved a speed of 80 spouts per minute per row. A sensor was provided on the innermost row of the linear vibrator (which was the slowest one). This ensured that the bowl feeder could be switched off, reducing noise and power requirement. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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