Elscint recently supplied an integrated a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of a small dia 12 mm x 3 mm plastic filter. The requirement was to first orient and feed the plastic filter through a vibratory bowl feeder, then singulate the same and push it into the Regulator Housing of the customer. The regulator housing was to be kept on an indexing table manually by the operator. Elscint’s scope was upto the insertion into the regulator housing. The insertion was to be 40 mm inside the housing, making it difficult as this had to be done during the indexing mechanism. Elscint used a small vibratory bowl feeder of approximately 200 mm in diameter (Model 160 with a cylindrical bowl) for this purpose. The filters were oriented in “rolling” orientation and taken vertically down where they were singulated with a cylinder. Then another cylinder having a 120 mm long stroke with guide rods was provided to push the filter into the Regulator housing. The cylinder time was 2 seconds per component and this was easily achieved. Elscint completed the equipment and its service engineer installed and commissioned the same at the customer’s factory in the South of India within record time. You can watch the video of the equipment.