Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of 3 types of screws where the head diameter was more than the length of the screw. Due to this the screws used to come with the head down / tail up. The customer had a Taiwan make bowl feeder for various types of screws. However, these 3 screws   could not be fed in that bowl feeder as the speed used to be less than 30 or 40 parts per minute. The customer required a speed of 120 to 150 parts per minute for each of these. Elscint manufactured a step type bowl with adjustable tooling to ensure that all the 3 types of screws could be fed with the least amount of changeover. Further, air jets were used to remove the wrongly oriented screws. A top guide, again adjustable was provided to ensure that the screws do not overlap at the outlet point. The bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating to ensure low noise level and easy movement.