Recently, an overseas customer approached Elscint, for feeding of small pins having diameter of just dia 2 and length of 6 mm. All the pins had one end flat while the other end was slightly tapered. The customer wanted all these to be fed in the pointed side forward orientation. Elscint used its Model 100 to feed and orient the same. A complete machined bowl made of stainless steel was used for this purpose. Additionally, the requirement was to provide a linear vibrator with a small chute of 250 mm and a non vibrating part at the end so that the operator can pick up the pins by his robot. The pointed portion being very minute and small, it was a very difficult job to orient. However, Elscint used its expertise to make it possible. The complete system was completed in less than 4 weeks and shipped to Finland. You can watch the video of the Elscint Bowl feeder for feeding the pointed pins.

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