Vibratory bowl feeders are used for feeding and orienting of small components. There are numerous uses of these feeder bowls. One common usage of vibratory bowl feeders is for feeding of Engine Valves having dia from 20 mm to 50 mm and length between 30 mm to 200 mm. Depending up the valve size, a suitable model of vibratory bowl feeder can be selected. Thereafter, through a Pneumatic Uptake System, a bunch of Engine Valves can be transported up to a height of 2 Meters from the Ground Level for further feeding. This can be used for any machine like shaft strengthening machine, grinding machine, turning etc. Speed of between 40 to 100 pieces per minute can be achieved depending upon the sizes of the engine valves. Such a system results in a smooth flow of components without any starvation to the next machine and can increase the productivity of the engine valve producing unit by even upto 40%. The biggest advantage of this system is loading of the heavy engine valves at a height of just 500 mm, usage of the bare minimum space and flexibility of feeding various sizes of Engine Valves through the same feeding system. In fact, Elscint Automation has perfected this type of feeding equipment and can even sell only the vibratory bowl feeder or only the pneumatic take up unit. Elscint offers this in PLC and non-PLC (Electrical control) versions.