Feeding of large parts in a vibratory bowl feeder is always a challenge. The general rule is that the diameter of the bowl should be at least 25 times the largest size of the component, which is being fed. The maximum diameter of a bowl being 1200 mm, by this rule, the maximum component size should be 100 mm. However, this rule has its exceptions too! A good bowl tooler can even design bowls for components upto 180 mm in length and even having diameters of 120 mm. For this, the bowl invariably has to be step type so as to ensure that the large parts do not jam between two tracks in case of cylindrical bowls. Secondly, the pitch and the track width too has to be decided accordingly. Choosing a wrong pitch or track will result in a disaster, resulting in the parts not moving properly, feed rate being less and continous jamming. Elscint has fed parts having lengths up even 180 mm and caps having diameters of 120 mm.

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