While designing a bowl feeder, deciding upon the diameter of the bowl plays a very important part in the working of the bowl. If the bowl diameter vis a vis the drive unit or base diameter is too large, then the bowl will not work properly and further the parts or components to be fed will jump a lot and orientation and proper feeding will be a major problem. If the bowl diameter is too small vis a vis the drive unit or base diameter, the the base will protrude out and the drive unit will unnecessarily be of higher capacity than required and will consequently draw more current, leading to more power consumption. Hence, the bowl diameter is very important, especially in cases where the orientation is critical and secondly where the speed or feed rate required is high. Hence, it is always better to purchase bowl feeders from established and reputed companies like Elscint Automation, which have the correct technology and skills to plan and design a bowl having the correct pitch for a particular component.