While designing a bowl feeder, deciding upon the pitch / rise or inclination of the bowl is very important for the proper functioning of the bowl. If the pitch is very high, then the bowl will not work at all as the parts will not move forward and will in fact start moving downwards itself. In case the pitch is too less, the number of parts which can be loaded in the bowl will be restricted as also having a window or extension will be a problem as there will not be enough space for the parts to fall back in. Hence, a proper balance has to be stuck between the two. Quite a lot of small bowl feeder manufacturers do not understand the importance of having the correct pitch and this results in their bowls not working properly most of the times. Hence, it is always better to purchase bowl feeders from established and reputed companies like Elscint Automation, which have the correct technology and skills to plan and design a bowl having the correct pitch for a particular component.