Vibrator bases are either fabricated or made out of castings. In case of fabricated bases, the mounting brackets as well as spring mounting brackets are welded to the main counter weight. During running of the vibrator, these weldments get cracked and this results in the vibrations getting dampened. This might also increase the gap between the coil and the magnet which can even result in the coil getting damaged. In such a case, to improve the performance of old vibratory feeders, one should check whether there is any crack in the welded mounting brackets. If there is crack, one should clean the same and weld it again. This will improve the performance of the vibratory feeder. However, it is always preferable to have cast bases as against fabricated ones. Elscint ( provides cast iron base for its vibrators and hence, this problem never arises in case of Elscint vibratory feeders.