One of the ways for improving the performance of an old vibratory feeder, be it a vibratory bowl feeder or a linear vibrator is to isolate the vibrations. Over time, the rubber grommets below the vibratory feeder deteriorate and vibrations are transferred to the base plate / table on which the vibratory feeder is mounted. This dampens the vibrations and results in the performance of the vibratory feeder going down. Changing / replacing the rubber grommets can substantially improve the performance of the vibratory feeder. In case there is oil or coolant on the table, and the same seeps into the rubber grommets, their life further reduces. Elscint provides a separate base plate after the rubber pads, which not only further isolate the vibrations but also provides top mounting which is very easy to use. The rubber isolating parts are enclosed inside the counter mass, providing them much needed protection so that their life increases.