Elscint has developed a unique high speed vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of nails in a head up position. Various sizes of nails right from 15 mm length to 200 mm length can be fed through the same vibratory feeder without any changeover tooling. This makes this vibratory bowl feeder very convenient to use for end users.  The rate at which the nails are fed ranges upto 1500 pieces per minute depending upon the length of the nails. Either of Model 400 or Model 630 is used for this purpose. A wide range of nails are also possible to be fed in the same Bowl with slight Change Over Tooling. This unit finds applications on the nail coiling machines. An Elscint hopper feeder with Elscint linear feeder (Inline Rail Feeder) is available as an accessory for increasing the loading capacity. Additionally, Elscint can provide a chute with gears for feeding the nails and dispensing them through a gear for further usage on the nail coiling machine. This attachment makes the Elscint nail feeder very useful both for OEM manufacturers of nail coiling machines as well as end users who would like to make their nail coiling machine automatic.

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