• In this Automatic Tapping Machine, the components are fed through a vibratory bowl feeder to the tapping station.
  • At the tapping station, tapping takes place with the help of a specially designed tapping head attachment.
  • The completed component is then unloaded in a bin or ejected, as per requirement. In case of special requirements, tapping at two places can be done on the same component! Speeds of upto 40 Pieces per minute are possible.
  • This machine is available with and without PLC control to suit the requirements of customers and their respective budgets.
  • This machine adds tremendous value wherever there is a requirement of tapping on small components. Two, three or even more bowl feeders as well as tapping heads can be accommodated on the same table with independent operations, however controlled by a single PLC.
  • This helps not only in making the machine compact but also reduces the cost of an incremental machine.

Elscint Weld Nut / Bolt Feeder

  • Elscint manufactures a nut / bolt feeding accessory for resistance spot welding machines. This consists of an Elscint vibratory bowl feeder which feeds the nuts / bolts (nuts can be either square nuts or round nuts).
  • The nut / bolts are fed to a pneumatic pusher and then to an escapement, which places the nut / bolts on the work station for spot welding. It is then held at that position through magnetic property. All these arrangements can be provided by Elscint.
  • This reduces the manual intervention required for feeding and placing of the nut / bolts. Either of Elscint vibratory parts feeder Model 160 or Model 250 or Model 400 can be used for this purpose depending upon the size of the nut / bolts to be fed and the loading capacity required.
  • This accessory is very popular with spot welding machine manufacturers all over the world. This is mainly used for nut / bolts of size M8, M10 and M12.
  • The speed, which can be achieved is a minimum of 30 Pcs per minute for M 8 square nut / bolts. The speed of other sizes will vary accordingly The Elscint nut / bolts feeder thus consists of three major attachments, i.e. the main body, escapement and feeding head.
  • These are controlled electrically and nuts are fed to the lower electrode of a spot welder. The special features of the feeding head, which is the most important unit of the Elscint nut / bolts feeder are its method of feeding nuts / bolt and its construction.