Elscint recently manufactured a Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of Conical & Flat Washers. The Washers were having outer diameter from 24 mm to 50 mm and thickness of 2.2 mm to 5 mm in ht. Due to its conical curvature, the washers have a tendency of coming in a bunch and it is difficult to remove one out of the bunch. Orientation too is very critical as the Washer is being used in a SPM which cannot detect wrongly orientated pieces. This makes it pertinent to have a bowl feeder that not only feeds correctly oriented parts consistently but also feeds them in a single row, thereby eliminating the chances of double feeding of the washers. For this Elscint used a stainless steel bowl with a reverse track which eliminated the double washers automatically. Additionally ahead of the bowl feeder, a linear vibrator with 800 mm track length having an auto-switch off mechanism and mounting arrangement was provided. After the linear vibrator, a Singulating arrangement with a Festo make cylinder with 60 mm stroke was provided to singulate and push a single washer forward. A mounting stand was provided for the complete system.

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