the track with of the bowl is more than the width / diameter of the parts which are being fed in the same. This is because bowl toolers use standard size track widths. Due to this, small size components (with respect to the track width) tend to come in a huge bunch. However, only one row of components needs to be taken forward for orientation. A huge bunch of components can result in providing extra support for the components being oriented and not letting them fall back in the bowl. For this, a window or extension has to be provided by removing a small part of the track. At this point, an adjustable slide plate is inserted. In case parts of various sizes need to be accommodated in the same bowl, this plate can be made either replaceable or else with a slot for adjustment. Elscint has standardized on the size of the extensions / windows so that even if the customer buys a bowl as replacement or for another application, the bowl size and tooling remains the same.

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