Elscint feeding system for filtering out wrong bolts and feeding only correct ones

Elscint, the leading vibratory bowl feeder manufacturer from India recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeding system for feeding of M6 x 35 mm hex bolts having flange in two outlets. However, a major requirement was that the any other type of bolts, if mixed up should be removed outside and only the correct type of bolt was to be fed. The other sizes which could be mixed were from M4 x 15 mm to M8 x 40 mm. However, there were also M6 x 30 mm and M6 x 37 mm bolts where the difference for sorting was very less. This was a challenge provided by the customer which is a leading Japanese car manufacturer based in India famed for their production lines. One more requirement was that the loading height should be less than 400 mm and minimum 1000 bolts should be accommodated. There was a restriction with regard to the space not being more than 500 mm, including the enclosure required for noise reduction. Taking all this into account, Elscint designed the equipment with a small hopper elevator made of plastic slats so that the loading height would be less than 400 mm. Further, Model 250 with a cylindrical bowl was used to ensure that the width of the equipment was within the 500 mm specified. Additionally, as two rows of output was required, a single linear vibrator with two track was proposed. Model LF I was used for this purpose. The whole equipment was mounted on a small stand made of square tubes. The panel was mounted separately on a separate stand as the customer wanted it to be 5 mtrs. Away from the equipment. The equipment was completed within 4 weeks and dispatched and commissioned at the customer’s factory to his satisfaction.You can watch the video of the equipment.

Monish Shete

Monish Shete is CEO of Elscint India Pvt Ltd (formerly Elscint Automation), a 40 year old company manufacturing vibratory bowl feeders, Rotary / Centrifugal Feeding Systems and similar small part handing products. He personally has more than 25 years experience with last 20 years being with Elscint. This blog will help customers and laymen understand the intricacies of vibratory bowl feeders. One can find information about the finer aspects of vibratory bowl feeders which cannot be found anywhere else. Case studies and information about various innovative ways of feeding and orienting of different parts are given in this blog. Do subscribe to get this thrice a month.

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