New Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder video

Elscint has launched a new video showcasing its Rotary / Centrifugal Feeders. The video contains footage of a total of 4 different Rotary / Centrifugal feeders. The first one is of a large double disc centrifugal feeder feeding sponge scrubbers. This comes along with a gravity chute and a 150 ltr. Vertical hopper elevator as well as a bulk loading conveyor before the elevator. The total foot print came to 8 Mtrs x 2.5 Mtrs. This ensured a total of 10000+ parts loading. With the speed of operation being 200 scrubbers per minute, that was required. The second video is of feeding of shafts having size dia 20 mm x length 120 mm. The customer chose a centrifugal feeder as he was worried about damage to the component in a vibratory feeder. With proper precaution provided in the centrifugal feeder, there was no damage to the parts. This too was provided along with a hopper for extra loading capacity. Though speed achieved was very high, the requirement of the customer was just 20 parts per minute. The third video is of feeding of flat plastic drippers in a particular orientation. The speed in this case is 2000 drippers per minute. As with the earlier ones, this one too comes along with a 50 Ltr. Hopper. These two are single disc feeders with a disc size of dia 800 mm. The last one is again of a large (dia 1800) double disc rotary feeder for bearing components with orientation.  You can watch this video in detail.

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