Non-Vibrating Parts

Non-Vibrating Parts

In case any component needs to be picked up by a pick and place, it is most convenient to use a non-vibrating part with a stopper for pick up of the same. Elscint can provide a non-vibrating part with a stopper at the end of the chute (either gravity or linear track) from where the pick and place can conveniently pick up the component. Application engineers at Elscint can always discuss your requirements and suggest the correct pick up position for your components.

X-Y Tables

Elscint offers X-Y Tables for Vibratory Bowl Feeders. These are available in two Models –Model 250.Model 400 ,X-Y tables make fine adjustments on X axis and Y axis possible. This along with the Z adjustment which is available on Elscint stands give a tremendous benefit to machine builders / system integrators who can thereby reduce the time taken for integration. This accessory also finds usage when various sizes of components are being fed to a centreless grinding machine. This helps in fine adjustment to accommodate the various sizes of components plus helps while dressing the grinding machine wheel.

Noise Enclosures / Noise Suppressors

Elscint offers three types of noise enclosures for vibratory bowl feeders, namely, Square or rectangular mild steel cover lined with acoustic foam on the inside, round shaped mild steel cover with acoustic foam lined on the inside and thirdly, acrylic enclosure fixed with aluminium extruded Sections. Depending upon the budget, type of component, model of the bowl feeder and the noise reduction requirement of the customer, application engineers from Elscint can recommend the correct type of noise enclosure for your vibratory bowl feeder. In case a new vibratory bowl feeder is ordered on Elscint, noise enclosures are optionally provided to the customers. However, Elscint can also provide noise enclosures for old vibratory bowl feeders of any make. A noise reduction of between 10 Db to 20 Db can be achieved with the help of Elscint noise enclosures. In case of special applications like pharmaceutical requirements, even stainless steel noise enclosures can also be provided with special washable acoustic foam.The Elscint mild steel or stainless steel noise enclosures come with toggle clamps for easy removal and fastening. Additionally, the top cover is made of transparent acrylic with a particular thickness and hinges which not only reduces the noise but helps the operator to check whether the number of pieces in the bowl have reduced or require replenishment. Elscint can also provide a level controller with the noise enclosure and give a ring / flash a bulb in case the levels of components in the bowl reduce. This feature is very popular with most customers as it relieves the operator from continuously checking the level of components in the bowl. Elscint maintains a stock of various sizes of noise enclosures and thus faster deliveries are possible.