Monish Shete of Elscint gets featured in “Industrial Automation” magazine

Mr. Monish Shete & Elscint recently got featured in the popular magazine “ Industrial Automation” The topic was “The changing Face of Manufacturing” and the magazine carried the details about the panel discussion on the same as well as an interview of Elscint’s Managing Director, Monish Shete.
The theme was about how from partially automated manual workstations to automated single machines and now automated production lines – Factory Automation is redefining manufacturing in the IIoT era, reducing the human element and adding efficiencies like never before, freeing human workers from the mundane tasks to concentrate on more productive roles.
Mr. Monish Shete opined that except for process industries, in most places it will take longer time for complete automation like IIoT to reach. He further elaborated that vision cameras are gaining popularity in the industry and this is further staled to increase over time.
He further added that functions like the following should get robotised very soon: automatic machine loading, machine unloading, segregation, transport, handling, and assembly. Robotic automation can be used in all functions right from cleaning of the shopfloor to the final assembly and testing of parts. This has a lot of scope, especially in the machine loading and unloading. This is something which all factories should explore in order to improve their productivity as well as to improve the quality of their products,” he added.
He further elaborated that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is something only a few large factories use. However, this is definitely the way where the future is headed. The present mindset is that RPA is a very costly thing and not applicable for a country like India. However, this is not so and using RPA can help in reducing various supply chain processes.
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Monish Shete

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