Innovative Usage of Vibratory Feeders – Feeding of heavy castings

Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory parts feeder for a very heavy CI casting. The cast iron casting was not machined and had a weight of 300 gms. The requirement was to orient the parts with respect to one side being up and feed them onto a gravity chute wherein they would be punched on one side. Thereafter the same were to be taken forward onto a vibrating track with holes to ensure that the residual oil in the castings was removed. Elscint

Elscint recommended Model 400 HD vibratory drive with a stainless steel bowl with a diameter of almost 850 mm. This model has a capacity of 40 kgs and hence more than 100 parts could be accommodated in the bowl. The part being heavy and metallic, a lot of noise was expected and hence, Elscint provided Elscinthane polyurethane coating on the complete bowl including the tooling parts to ensure that the noise level was minimized. Elscinthane polyurethane lining has not only a very high life but also ensures longer life for the bowl. Further it has excellent dampening properties, reducing the noise level drastically. The parts being oily, a rough texture was given for the Elscinthane PU coating to ensure that even the oily components move forward with ease. As mentioned above, a gravity chute with auto-switch off mechanism and Elscint’s patented pneumatic escapement was provided with a vibrating tray after the parts were singulated. The complete system was mounted on a stand with noise dampening leveling screws.

Monish Shete

Monish Shete is CEO of Elscint India Pvt Ltd (formerly Elscint Automation), a 40 year old company manufacturing vibratory bowl feeders, Rotary / Centrifugal Feeding Systems and similar small part handing products. He personally has more than 25 years experience with last 20 years being with Elscint. This blog will help customers and laymen understand the intricacies of vibratory bowl feeders. One can find information about the finer aspects of vibratory bowl feeders which cannot be found anywhere else. Case studies and information about various innovative ways of feeding and orienting of different parts are given in this blog. Do subscribe to get this thrice a month.