When you buy a complete vibratory bowl feeder from Elscint, it comes with a fully tooled bowl. However, Elscint can also supply you with only a tooled bowl to be fitted on your old vibrator drive. Elscint also supplies tooled bowls to various bowl feeder manufacturers in Europe for fitment with their vibrator drives. Labour costs being less in India, Elscint can make these tooled bowls available at a very competitive cost. Elscint provides the complete bowl tooling.The bowl feeder manufacturer can then just take some trials and tune the vibratory drive and ship the complete tooled vibratory bowl feeder to their customer! Usually, it takes between 30 to 100 hours to tool a Bowl depending upon the intricacy of the component which is being fed.By outsourcing the tooling function to Elscint, The bowl feeder manufacturer saves on this time, thus saving not only on valuable labour and overhead costs but without increasing the number of bowl feeders which can be manufactured and supplied without increasing the number of bowl tooling technicians, who are in short supply The quality of Elscint bowls is comparable to any bowl manufactured in Europe and this can be gauged from the repeat orders Elscint is getting from bowl feeder manufacturers for this type of work. Elscint can provide either cast aluminum or fabricated stainless steel bowls. Bowl feeder manufacturers can also supply their own cast aluminum bowls to Elscint Automation for doing the tooling. This makes the tooled bowl from Elscint look similar to their own “Homemade Bowls”. Additionally, Elscint can provide its popular Elscinthane bowl coating as well as provide the required finish for the Bowls. With a lot of extra spare capacity, Elscint Automation can provide tooled bowls within a low delivery time and at very competitive costs. In fact, Elscint Automation also takes care of the logistics and quotes for a door delivery rate which includes air freight to reach the bowl feeder manufacturers factory within 4 working days of shipping the bowl! Elscint also sends photos and videos of the bowls on completion for approval of the customers. Customers can be assured of proper documentation like test reports and proper operating instructions with the supplies.