Elscint recently completed an order for a major multinational company where the requirement was to feed two types of metal parts with open side leading on to a centerless grinding machine. Both parts were having different geometries and hence, one part had to be oriented by making it stand up while the other part had to be oriented with respect to its weight balance. This resulted in the orientation tooling being very different for both the parts. However, Elscint provided a very easy changeover tooling to ensure operator ease. There were a total of 4 bowl feeders and Elscint ensured that all the tooling was interchangeable between all the 4 bowl feeders. Additionally, the requirement was for a 35 litre hopper feeder or stock feeder for extra loading capacity. There was a round belt conveyor ahead of the bowl feeder for further taking the parts upto the grinding machine. The customer was a 100 mm “X” Adjustment. This was provided and fine tuning of the same could be done with the help of a wheel. A zero to fifteen degree tilting provision was also provided. The whole structure was mounted on aluminium extruded sections and a polycarbonate aluminium guarding was provided for the complete machine. The centerless grinding machine was to be purchased from Japan and hence Elscint arranged to pack and transport one unit for trials to the Machine manufacturer in Japan. It was then sent back to India along with the grinding machine. The belt conveyor too was made from aluminium extruded sections and was driven by Elscint Geared Motor Model DM 38.

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